Website Using new gTLD for Emerging Tech!

What made me take notice about new gTLDs, is an intersection of new gTLD website with Emerging technology: mobile deep linking!

Facebook’s Deep Link platform

Mobile Deep Linking is a new method of mobile search, which connects apps, instead of websites.

Instead of leaving an app to open another app, which is a pain, you just click on a link, which opens the other installed app to the content you are interested in!

The benefit is: if you have the app installed, the link can take you straight to the pertinent content within the app, such as:

  • a geo app to find restaurants, then click directly into a cafe app to make a reservation, or a phone number to order takeout.
  • cheap travel tickets in one app: click your choice and be transferred to the company app’s specific order page for that ticket!

Morgan Linton has written about deep links here:

Breaking: Facebook Announces Mobile Ad Network at f8

and Raymond Hackney touched on it here:

Google Starting To Show Full Restaurant Menu in Search Results

where Acro commented, if I may quote:

It simply a demonstration of deep search results that bypass the *link* and provide the related info instead.

Good summary, @ Acro!

And there are attempts to catalog deep links into a deep link search engine.

Deep Links companies use some alternative extensions, such as:

Here is a smattering of descriptive Emerging Domains dot coms avialable bin on Sedo, about deep links:

See which deep link domain uses a snazzy new gTLD extension:

New gTLD Website on dot nyc! is an event series focused on the future of cross-app experiences. With live demos and talks from companies powering partnerships between apps like Uber, Resy, Spotify and SeatGeek . . . This invite-only meetup is designed to get top engineers, designers, PMs and founders talking about cross-app communication as a means of creating new opportunities (and economies) across mobile. is a fresh brand for a totally cool website! An event to be held in New York City, is the epitome of a great application for a new gTLD in the startup world! created a Deep Linking Timeline. Deep links are the next big thing in search, in tech, and in advertising, as far as reaching the consumer. It is nice created a timeline, to help newbies understand where we are in the stream of time, as far as deep links. [Now, someone create a bright graphic like this for new gTLDs!]
Deep Link Timeline c/o

For more on New gTLDs, see: Congrats on the new gTLDs!


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