The Seductive SoundIO of BellagIO

The pleasant-sounding “io” vowel couple is popular to add to the end of a word to create a unique brand. The dot io – British Indian Ocean ccTld – joins list of favored extensions among startups.

Besides Indian Ocean, IO stands for input/output, industrial organization, and is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

The “io,” ends many words, giving them a nice “ring,” and a pleasant connotation to the “io” sound:

Video [sound]
DiMaggio [Americans know as, DiMaggEE-O]
San Antonio

The first two of these io dot coms recently sold at auction are Italian. The rest are invented brands: [remedy / Italian] $3,688.00 [divorce / Italian] 250 EU $4,188 1,800 USD – browser 2,999 USD – clothing 2,000 USD 999 USD – software company 999 USD 999 USD 941 EUR 800 USD $1,800 $2,000.00 899 USD $1,000.00 3,000 EUR 1,500 USD $1,877.00 $1,800.00 $1,500 $4,488 $1,500 900 USD $1,800

In the news, just got sold to Yahoo!, Kickfolio rebranded to, with the Indian Ocean ccTLD extension. Startup announced May 27, 2013 €500,000 in seed funding from Deutsche Telekom and Linden Mobile Ventures. is big news in that it is doing interesting things tech wise, connecting screens to view videos on two devices, tv and mobile, for instance, and enabling the mobile device to become a remote or browse through videos to queue the next video, or watch a different one simultaneously. It is a company that Netflix, Amazon, Google and Apple may want to benefit from its tech to serve video screen-wise. Founders – Serious Young Men with €500,000 in Funding Since May 27th, 2013. Netflix Might Become a Customer.

Sales reported of the dot io extension include: 1,499 USD 2,300 USD 1,340 USD 5,000 EUR 1,200 USD $1 – $5,000 listed at Moniker auction in 2008., responsive website pictured, below, is a data center software company.

Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google UK Pierre Far gave his seal of approval to dot io extension on his Google+ site, posting a link to the list of current ccTLDs treated as generic, saying,

The latest addition includes the quite-popular (and personal favorite :) ) .io.

Also in the news,

are two of 2000+ domains frozen in Joel Williams court case . . . The WhosIs address of is currently Thailand.

Inspired by the Alabama dot travel thread, I suggest the administrator of theDomains domain industry blog should highlight dot io alongside tv, us, me, co, and us in the right column, as extensions of interest! The biggest conference in domaining – TRAFFIC – is being hosted right now at the Bellagio. Therefore, it is fitting to give the “io” string – at the end of domains for branding, and as an extension – attention.

Explore developed dot io sites on Google:*.io.
The first 3 pages include: – Learn by Making – Bring Adventure to any Application (Bear mace not included!) – the management tool for your Empire Avenue account – web design in your browser – B2B apps for small businesses – Watch free online Directo TV and sports

Brands ending in “” with the ee-O sound seem to be doing well on BrandBucket, making up about 10% of sold dot coms on its client list, including:

Many are developed sites of a startup nature. Two standouts are: and – both software companies.

It appears with all the software / tech / startup firms flocking to and .io domains, the io string and .io extension seem to generate serious cache in behalf of the business branded by either one.

All this research got me excited, so I could not help but dip into the, “io,” pool, with a new hand reg today! Drumroll, please ……………………

taking advantage of the “you” sound the double vowel string makes, as in, “Teach you.”

What cool names can you think of? Comment, below!

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01. June 2013 by Louise
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  1. Hi Louise, great post!

    Definitely the .io has facilitated the demand for short brandable .coms ending in “io”

    But as you stated the pleasant sounding vowel works well, I only have one in my portfolio, wish I had regged more at the time. (2 years ago).

    Interesting with BrandBucket, I submitted said name, which is definitely on par with the above you posted, and other decent brand worthy .com’s, many of which are sold now, and they refused the submission? I can only think that they have too many domains in their portfolio?

    Cheers, Howie.

  2. I noticed the first two in Italian sold for nice bank. Recently I purchased some one-word domains in Malay and Indonesian (they use our Latin-derived characters) like fuel and translate. Spanish is another good one, and I got a few two-worders in that language as well