Party’s On, and Party’s Over! Apple Plans Historical September 9th Announcement

September 9 Apple Invite - Forbes
Who remembers being a teen in the early 80′s, when the parents weekend getaway meant the party was on?

With Apple’s pending announcement, parent’s having a weekend away no longer automatically means their kids will party – it’s over, Rover!

Speculation is fever pitch. Today is September 1st, 2014, eight days ahead of Apple’s big announcement on September 9th, 2014. The press is in a frenzy, trying to preemt Apple’s announcement, with predictions of what will be released: iPhone 6 with a larger screen? iWatch? Fitness bracelet? NFC?

Some of the headlines are:

From Forbes Magazine,
Apple Announces Sept. 9 Event: ‘Wish We Could Say More’

“Apple is widely expected to unveil two versions of the new iPhone 6, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch screen, to compete with larger-screened phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

“Less is known about the iWatch.”

Here is my prediction. This is why the party is over:

Hidden cameras will be taping minors old enough to be left behind, their every move. Cameras make private home highschool parties, with kegs of beer, and other mood boosters of questionable legality, a thing of the past. Maybe it’s for the best! It’s over. Highschool party is over!

Kids, Septermber 9th, Apple will be introducing its home-automation system, for security, to stream live video of kids arriving home from school, or leaving the house, with its hidden cameras near the entrance. If it adopts nfc, Apple phones can even be geo devices, allowing parents to see the whereabouts of their children at all times!

Apple Home Automation will enable benefits, such as:

Expect a family member to visit, while you’re at work? Remotely unlock the front door, after you ascertain their presence via phone and camera.

Monitor package deliveries and their safety, or theft. View the robbers. Plus, receive pool alerts and burgler alarms!

Aside from security, Apple’s automated home, “kit,” app will also control lights, thermostat settings, and any appliances you choose to connect, via remote hub. Automated home software can control shading via blinds and curtains.

Who has the domain, is in the MostWantedDomains showcase, administered by Mr. Michael Berkens of World Wide Media and popular domain blog, It is the era of the remote hub.

This is why the party is on:

Apple’s Smart home automation kit, with iPhone app that commands a central hub, could be disruptive and create a spike in Apple stock. This is because of the $$ SAVINGS it offers in two ways

(1) the remote monitoring and alerts handled by security companies are handled by the app and remote hub automation kit. That means, no more monthly payments to traditional security monitoring companies!

(2) energy bills, as wifi-connected hub adjusts temperature and lights based on real-time information of weather and sunrise and sunset.

Apple HomeKit is a framework for makers of home automation devices, such as garage door openers, lights, locks, and thermostats, which have developed on separate paths, to integrate with the iPhone and iPad, which have sold some HALF A BILLION. Therefore, the iPhone and iPad are an ideal control device.

Being the same wavelength as the leaders of tech, I have figured it out! Sorry, Apple. It isn’t that I want to ruin your surprise. I, the founder of EmergingDomains, enjoy to reserve cutting edge domains that are barely trending, in order to help industry, by supplying meaningful dot coms at reasonable prices. Therefore, I HAVE to be ahead of the curve!

Many companies are leading in this space, aside from Apple, such as:

iBridge Connected Home
Vera Smart Home Control
GreenPeak Technologies NV
Bang & Olufsen
iRBeacon – the remote that makes your home smarter

Read more about home automation on Wikipedia
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