Apple Shares To Exceed $1,000 Prediction Is Proved Wrong

Person[s] who predicted Apple shares would break $1,000 missed the boat on gesture control:

NASDAQ: AAPL – $1000 Apple Inc Stock Forecast: What The Analysts Miss

Apparently this future trend prediction:

When we first forecast the stock at $1000, on December 25th,2011, the stock stood at $410, and now just 59 days later it’s gained 25% at $545, with mainstream analysts like UBS, betting it at $710 by the end of this year on iPhone strength.

That’s all before the new products roll out including game-changing Apple TV. Apple TV in its current form is already sold out at 98% of Apple Stores.

It sounds crazy that a stock could reach $1000.

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04. May 2013 by Louise
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Go Mobile ‑ Try a Responsive Theme!

Announcing ResponsiveWebDesignExamplesdotCOM
Responsive themes fit any screen size.

Mobile is taking over . . . There is a need for a one-size-fits-all theme to view the same content across multilple screens. It’s called, “responsive theme.” Domain blogger Morgan Linton has migrated to a responsive theme. Former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy has built her blog, PandoDaily on a responsive theme. Engadget is the latest tech blog to migrate over. serves content using a responsive theme.

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29. January 2013 by Louise
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Google Execs Must Be Reading theDomains!

Google execs must be reading theDomains popular domain industry blog! It announced its new augmented reality game, Ingress, and actually put the download page for the app on (drumroll, please) ……………….

Nice graphics and single word dot com, to launch a groundbreaking game, that represents real advancement in gaming based on mobile device usage, not just adapting desktop games to mobile!

Ingress means: 1) n. entrance. 2) the right to enter. 3) v. the act of entering. Often used in the combination “ingress and egress” which means entering and leaving, to describe one’s rights to come and go under an easement over another’s property (See: egress, easement), according to the Free Dictionary at This is fitting, since it is a game about mind control!

More than one company must be heeding the observations and advice of @MHB and the domainers who comment here, as other companies purchase the dot com of the new product or campaign they are launching in advance of launch, such as Microsoft’s

16. November 2012 by Louise
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Keyword Importance and the Brandability of Dot TV

Domain names may be thought of as an alternative investment vehicle.

Some say, “ . . . it will NEVER be used as a primary site. It’s just traffic.” A business needs its catchy name, AND it needs its keyword traffic domains, either to direct to a subdomain of the primary domain, or to lead to a page of content which references the company site. Like the tentacles of an octopus, which lead back to the head.

I DO suggest that B&N survived, and Borders didn’t, because of the traffic from, and more. It’s a combination of adapting to digital early on: more sophisticated, internet-ready inventory software (while Borders was glitchy and couldn’t function in real time), Barnes and Noble’s early adoption of the eReader with the release of the Nook, and several great books domains, such as, the singular,, and more I can’t remember. Barnes and Noble has and – it has done many things right! Also, it bought and its domains, so that redirects to Barnes and Noble. It kept up with digital, so that is perhaps its primary business now! Or its most valuable business. Maybe the in-store part is fading, and it will close some stores, like K-mart.

Some suggest people do not trust keyword domains anymore. Funny! But savvy startups realize the need to own the correct spelling/non-hyphen dot com of the company name. Flickr finally bought to control bleedoff. If they’re smart, people who market businesses realize they should own some search term keyword domains on which small webpages are built which link to the primary business. See guestpost venerable domainer Stephen Douglas wrote on: Finally, A Writer Outside the Domain Industry GETS IT!

Many agree a short, memorable domain is better for branding. Few one-word dot coms fit that bill . . . that are both meaningful and catchy. Maybe that is more significant as regards the dot tv extension, since it doesn’t rank as well for keyword . . . Personally, I took someone’s advice to register a short, more easily spoken dot tv to build on, instead of the more popular search keyword. I don’t have that talent to come up with a catchy name. may be an exception of a meaningful, descriptive keyword domain which works well as a brand. Congrats to Joe Melville, CEO of Melville Candy Corporation & Greg Balestrieri, Vice President of Melville Candy Corporation on the purchase of, and Rick Schwartz for its sale. A domain such as,, is large enough category search term to bring value to Whirlpool. It’s the concept Marketing Strategist Ivana Taylor promotes in her article, Why You Need Multiple Domain Names.

The conclusion is: you need your brand, then you need to market under the product/service keywords people are searching to find your product, the generic, until your brand becomes synonymous with the generic, I suppose, like Kleenex. Those are few and far between.

Amazon paid big bucks for and for a reason! It created separate sites for each domain. Designing pages is more creative than just redirecting. As Stephen Douglas points out, better to keep your competition from using the domain. It must be better to own it and redirect, than allow your competition to own a popular keyword type-in generic! redirects to Calvin Klein, but it’s better than allowing someone else the domain!

The climate is changing. Google announced it would give less authority to keyword domains in its pagerank algorithm. Often, people aren’t used to seeing actual great content on a great domain. Great content on a great domain is notable and rare. Business has come up with workarounds, and Google respects that. Now, there is less demand.

It is thought sold low at $40,000 instead of six figures, because generics are on their way out. That has some truth. Recently, sold for about $25,000 after it was put at auction at zero reserve. That is an example! Type in traffic isn’t the selling point of dot tv, as far as I ever heard. But dot tv is short and makes a keyword a brand. Seems like lots of companies are building their brand on a one-word dot tv, that wouldn’t make sense as a dot com, such as:,,,,, even That is, those one-word dot tvs have a different meaning from what the company is about. Those are some that I came across.

On a positive note for keyword dot tv, there is a nice site on, which is affiliate for different shoe companies.

In conclusion, short or one-word dot tv domains are brandable, even if the meaning of the word doesn’t have anything to do with the company. Dot tv is very brandable. But generic dot com and long tails still have their place, as long as they are exact match for type-ins or searches, which inform as to product or service.

The content I post on is what raises the brand of It’s like creating value the old-fashioned way!

15. July 2012 by Louise
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Move Over Credit Cards, Make Room for Mobile Wallet

Move Over Credit Cards, Make Room for Mobile Wallet! Mobile Wallets – or Digital Wallets – using near field communication (nfc), are the credit cards of the future! The portfolio holders listed on Emerging Domains are more than happy to supply you with your domain name needs, including Stu of Wallet Domains. Stu has previous success selling future trend domain names which he personally selected, including,, SolarPhone, 3DConsole, and CloudTribe. Domains in Stu’s portfolio currently include, , & It shouldn’t be long before we hear a great announcement about the sale of one or more of his mobile wallet domains! Mobile Wallet Domains features one of the finest collection of mobile wallet domains, including:

among my personal favorites!

On a sidenote, ALL the domains listed on Emerging Domains are researched and carefully chosen by educated professionals, who WANT to do business, and don’t seek to retire on the sale of a domain name. So go speak to the owner with optimism you will come away with a new brand in the form of a domain name.

24. October 2011 by Louise
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Future Trend Domain Auction™ Gets Underway!!!

The Future Trend Domain Auction™ gets underway! It is a joint venture between SuccessClick™, Snapnames/Moniker and the participants who submit domain names that will begin with an online auction starting Wednesday, August 24 Noon ET (9:00 am PT), and run through Tuesday, August 30 3:15 pm ET (12:15 pm PT), inviting bids from around the world! After the live portion begins a period of collaboration between the participants and Moniker acting as broker, where interested parties may contact Moniker privately to inquire about any domains from the list they would like to acquire, which collaboration will last six weeks, ending October 11th.3D Design Software .com
EmergingDomains is thrilled to have one entry accepted in the auction:! More great entries:
Link to Auction site

14. August 2011 by Louise
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Finally, A Writer Outside the Domain Industry GETS IT!

I was sent an email by Louise Timmons that contained a great link to an article about the value of domains, published here: My interest was piqued when Louise said it was the best marketing/ad advice she’s seen outside the domain investing community. After reading it, I agreed.

The article was outstanding, on point, and logical in its advertising strategy regarding “owning your competition™”. The author, Ivana Taylor, spoke very straight talk about a little-known secret of the biggest corporations in the world — “OWN YOUR GENERIC DESCRIPTIVE PRODSERVS DOMAINS”!!

Ms. Taylor made many great points you should read in her article covering many areas of domain value. However, there’s more to add to the power in owning the generic domains representing your company’s prodservs.

1) The domain you buy describing your “” is also a term YOUR COMPETITORS WILL BE USING to describe their prodservs that compete with yours. So if you are selling “abc 123 widgets” and you have a competitor selling the same thing, every time they use the term “abc 123 widget” offline or online, they’re actually PROMOTING your website and company, because YOU OWN THAT EXACT DOMAIN NAME describing the prodservs.

2) MARKETING 101:Every time your competitors promote their prodservs, they have to use the “term/phrase” that defines it. But it also defines YOUR prodservs, and YOUR COMPANY will have the “brand” online already as a domain name, so your competitors are just promoting your domain name which you’ve POINTED TO YOUR WEBSITE!

3) Since you own the domains describing your own prodservs and your competitors, you get the prestige of your brand because you’re pointing those domains to your website offering these prodservs. This establishes your company as “the” best source. (Most common example… type in “” and see what billion $$$ company owns that domain, and now that space. Nevermind that J&J spent over $2 million for the domain, that’s only 1/20th of their yearly ad budget. The thing to remember is that each year, it’s only $10 to renew the domain.)

My advice is that every company should set aside at least 50% of their ad budget for buying their prodservs domains. Even if those domains cost more than a new registration fee because you have to buy them in the aftermarket (from someone who already owns the domains), the purchase of that domain is still an “investment” that keeps on giving. It’s an “appreciable marketing asset” that never, if rarely, loses it’s value. In other words, you can still recover your original purchase cost on the domain after you’ve used it. In some cases, the domain name can be worth more than the company itself.

I recommend any business starting a new ad or marketing campaign to read this article and look into domain investing very closely. It’s the best secret for marketing value that the big guys really don’t want you to know.

- Stephen Douglas, SuccessClick, Author

20. April 2011 by Stephen Douglas
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Feed the Google Monster

Update 09-25-2011:
Another One from Leigh:

Update 09-13-2011: & built and developed by Leigh. built and developed by EmergingDomains

The above are samples of domain names created on Noomle. Great looking sites, @ Leigh! If you put original content, Noomle isn’t bad for Google placement. went from unindexed oblivion to indexed. is now #94 in Google SERPs! To find out how, read further.

Original Post March 4th, 2011:
What is content? Content is 200 words of original text, which you compose yourself. So text is content.

To achieve a 200-word article, you might draft 400 words and edit it down. Think of it as a highschool report. The steps are:

  • You’re given a topic [the domain]
  • you research it and develop a point of view
  • figure out what you’re going to say
  • make an outline. In my case, I might scribble a list
  • then write away
  • edit it down
  • publish it

You guys should create a website. The question arose on TheDomains:

If you plan or want to sell a domain, is it best to have a site on it or just something saying this domain is for sale and contact info. Will a potential buyer be but off the domain if a site is already set up? Or does this show that the site is not for sale?

My opinion is develop at least one domain. Do a free one at Noomle. Check out:, a Noomle site. It ranks
#55 on Google
for a search without quotes, and
#7 on page 1 of Google for a search with quotes

That’s respectable! It adds value to a domain to an end user to rank it in Google. There, it starts to draw traffic.

Noomle is free. You get to keep 100% of the generated revenue. Noomle allows you to add neat features, like video and a news feed. You’ll notice, features an article on the homepage with a list of linked articles on the left. Noomle offers templates which can be customized. You have to outsource your own logo.

04. March 2011 by Louise
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Content is King!!!

“Feed the Google Monster.” That is what I say. What does it mean?

Read Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand’s initial assessment of the damage after the most recent Google algorithm change at Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change? including which company got demoted in the rankings.

It was bloody. Here is partial list: 93.3622 -77% 58.4273 -90% 50.755 -94% 47.7632 -87% 39.5044 -74% 37.6418 -66% 36.7005 -85% 35.7198 -93% 27.2522 -90%

Go in depth a little bit on the topic of your of whatever content your domain represents to satisfy the Google Monster. “Google Monster” is the “Google Crawler.” It’s big and unfeeling. That’s why I call it a “monster.”

Who gained in the shakeup? eHow, considered one of the biggest content farmers! Why? I’ll tell you MY theory. Because eHow hired REAL writers who take pride in their job!

So, take pride! You don’t have to be perfect! Write about what you know or are enthused about!

That, and the other advice.

We’re fighting for our lives!

Over and out.

27. February 2011 by Louise
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Google’s New Algorithm

Hi, About Google’s New Algorithm, this is what I am going to do:

I’m not fooling around. I am going to put the META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”INDEX,NOFOLLOW” tag in the header of my development projects, so only the homepage gets indexed, so that no duplicate content competes with my homepage.

That’s just the way it is. WP is great, but tends to duplicate content throughout the site! Here is a sample of one of my sites that I just set up with one post on WordPress blog:
sample of duplicate content on a one-post blog!

We can’t have this duplicate stuff! I’m going radical and add


in brackets in the header portion to try to get the crawled pages out of there!

26. February 2011 by Louise
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