Move Over Credit Cards, Make Room for Mobile Wallet

Move Over Credit Cards, Make Room for Mobile Wallet! Mobile Wallets – or Digital Wallets – using near field communication (nfc), are the credit cards of the future! The portfolio holders listed on Emerging Domains are more than happy to supply you with your domain name needs, including Stu of Wallet Domains. Stu has previous success selling future trend domain names which he personally selected, including,, SolarPhone, 3DConsole, and CloudTribe. Domains in Stu’s portfolio currently include, , & It shouldn’t be long before we hear a great announcement about the sale of one or more of his mobile wallet domains! Mobile Wallet Domains features one of the finest collection of mobile wallet domains, including:

among my personal favorites!

On a sidenote, ALL the domains listed on Emerging Domains are researched and carefully chosen by educated professionals, who WANT to do business, and don’t seek to retire on the sale of a domain name. So go speak to the owner with optimism you will come away with a new brand in the form of a domain name.

24. October 2011 by Louise
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  1. Congrats, @ Volt! That is good news! You and @ Stu had some nice sales . . .

  2. Futrs sold for $1900.00! :)