Million Dollar Performance

Enjoy this amazing live performance of Million Dollar Man

Savor this live performance of Lana Del Rey . . . one for the books, as Lana Del Rey confidently near silences a rowdy Philadelphia crowd with subtle lingering notes and rhythm change-ups on her popular standard, Million Dollar Man. The tough Philly audience went bonkers as Byron Thomas set the tone laying down bluesy keyboard improvisations. The audience knew it was in for something special! The songstress built up to the climax, changing up the rhythm on some phrases, lingering on a note here and adding unexpected emphasis there, until her powerful contralto cut through the sing along voices from seemingly out of nowhere, and blew the roof off and caved the walls in! See if you can spot the place . . . Her fellow musicians were enjoying the performance, too, as Blake Lee right behind her shook his head. Lana’s voice, which is soft and ethereal in parts, isn’t drowned out by the layered orchestation delivering the final sonic punch line. Thanx to the wonderful fans who post videos of the live performances on Youtube! Annie Ta posted almost the entire live performance at the Skyline Stage at the Mann theatre in Philadelphia on May 11th, 2014, with setlist linked song by song to the video, so you can choose your favorite song. Thanx, Annie Ta!

January 20th, 2015 UPDATE: Had to replace Annie Ta’s video, as she removed it. The one I replaced it with is by Hoodlum Yo. Too bad Byron’s piano introduction is omit, but the rest of the song is there!

Ref: Hoodlum Yo Youtube Channel
Annie Ta Youtube channel
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Like the proverbial box of chocolates, I bite into live Youtube performances posted by fans, discard the ones with poor sound or mediocre vocals, and save those that reach through my screen to envelope me in sonic layers.

Here is another live performance from this tour which shows what a star Lana Del Rey is, and the talent of her two guitarists, Blake Lee, and the other one is new. I don’t know! Plus the drummer, the engineer, pianist Byron Thomas, the bass player, everyone:

Enjoy this dreamy, seductive performance!

Ref: mylivevids Youtube channel

24. July 2014 by Louise
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