Google Execs Must Be Reading theDomains!

Google execs must be reading theDomains popular domain industry blog! It announced its new augmented reality game, Ingress, and actually put the download page for the app on (drumroll, please) ……………….

Nice graphics and single word dot com, to launch a groundbreaking game, that represents real advancement in gaming based on mobile device usage, not just adapting desktop games to mobile!

Ingress means: 1) n. entrance. 2) the right to enter. 3) v. the act of entering. Often used in the combination “ingress and egress” which means entering and leaving, to describe one’s rights to come and go under an easement over another’s property (See: egress, easement), according to the Free Dictionary at This is fitting, since it is a game about mind control!

More than one company must be heeding the observations and advice of @MHB and the domainers who comment here, as other companies purchase the dot com of the new product or campaign they are launching in advance of launch, such as Microsoft’s

16. November 2012 by Louise
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