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Mobile is taking over . . . There is a need for a one-size-fits-all theme to view the same content across multilple screens. It’s called, “responsive theme.” Domain blogger Morgan Linton has migrated to a responsive theme. Former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy has built her blog, PandoDaily on a responsive theme. Engadget is the latest tech blog to migrate over. JW.org serves content using a responsive theme.

Tablet View of MorganLinton.com
↑ Tablet View of MorganLinton.com
iPhone 5 View of MorganLinton.com   Phone V‪iew of PandoDaily .com
↑ Same content phone view. See! No “sideways” – or, horizontal – scrolling. ↑
↓ Pando Daily Tablet View – same article! Different look on tablet . . . ↓
Tablet View of Pando Daily .com

When a viewer clicks on a search result built with a responsive theme, the content he clicked is the content delivered. It offers security to the visitor, especially if the visitor intends to shop or complete another financial transaction! With a mobile theme, a user gets redirected to another page when he clicks on a search result. Not so good.

My artist, Ioana, worth her weight in gold, has introduced me to responsive web templates over a year ago. Ioana saw the need for flexible design, which would load equally on a smartphone, tablet, or tabletop screen. I have assembled – for the benefit of you, the domaining community – a list of free responsive web design templates at: ResponsiveExamples.com – enjoy! If you would like to ask help from Ioana to clean up white space or conceive a logo and figure out colors, you may contact me, and I will forward the info to her. Contact louise [at] emergingdomains dot com.

EmergingDomains is built on a responsive theme called, Portfolio Press by Devin Price. Visit iPadPeek to view this article in the tablet and phone view. Screenshots were snapped on iPadPeek.com.

Read more about the need for speed and the value of a short domain at:
which includes research links.

Credits: ResponsiveExamples.com

29. January 2013 by Louise
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