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Update 09-25-2011:
Another One from Leigh: WhatAre3DPrinters.com

Update 09-13-2011:
3DTrailers.co.uk & OurAR.com built and developed by Leigh.
QRReader.org built and developed by EmergingDomains

The above are samples of domain names created on Noomle. Great looking sites, @ Leigh! If you put original content, Noomle isn’t bad for Google placement. 3DTrailers.co.uk went from unindexed oblivion to indexed. QRReader.org is now #94 in Google SERPs! To find out how, read further.

Original Post March 4th, 2011:
What is content? Content is 200 words of original text, which you compose yourself. So text is content.

To achieve a 200-word article, you might draft 400 words and edit it down. Think of it as a highschool report. The steps are:

  • You’re given a topic [the domain]
  • you research it and develop a point of view
  • figure out what you’re going to say
  • make an outline. In my case, I might scribble a list
  • then write away
  • edit it down
  • publish it

You guys should create a website. The question arose on TheDomains:

If you plan or want to sell a domain, is it best to have a site on it or just something saying this domain is for sale and contact info. Will a potential buyer be but off the domain if a site is already set up? Or does this show that the site is not for sale?

My opinion is develop at least one domain. Do a free one at Noomle. Check out:
Flight-to-Miami.com, a Noomle site. It ranks
#55 on Google
for a search without quotes, and
#7 on page 1 of Google for a search with quotes

That’s respectable! It adds value to a domain to an end user to rank it in Google. There, it starts to draw traffic.

Noomle is free. You get to keep 100% of the generated revenue. Noomle allows you to add neat features, like video and a news feed. You’ll notice, Flight-to-Miami.com features an article on the homepage with a list of linked articles on the left. Noomle offers templates which can be customized. You have to outsource your own logo.

04. March 2011 by Louise
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