Appears to Have Changed Hands appears to have new owners. whois currently shows Godaddy as Registrar. Nameservers point to those of Netherlands company, CM Telecom. The url redirects to the CM Telecom website, {Note from Editor: If anyone wants to fill in the whois trail, I’ll look forward to read it!]

Godaddy whois of CM-dot-com

CM Telecom is an established company since 1999. Early on, it was known as Club Message BV. Its founders, Jeroen van Glabbeek and Gilbert Gooijers, focused on different software to direct and push messages, according to Wikipedia.

It was ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing Dutch tech companies in 2006, and continues to excel. Today, CM Telcom’s mobile platform encompasses “messaging, payments, apps and voice,” according to its website:

In 2015, as CM Telecom expanded with new offices in London and Paris, and acquisitions of English company GlobalMessaging, and mobile app developer Service2Media, it was profiled in The Next Web for innovations in media messaging. See: 7 great in-app messaging tactics that boost user engagement

CM Telecom can be said to represent one of the success stories of the Netherlands’ thriving start up community. The Netherlands is 2nd home to Rob Monster, founder of Epik Holdings, Inc, who is Dutch-American. Find more Netherlands start-ups on directories such as:

Startup Delta
- Accelerating the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands

The Netherlands seems like a thriving startup scene.

Undeveloped at, is a success story of the Netherlands’ startup community. It was funded in part by Axivate Capital.

Without passing judgment on domain’s past history, which is well-covered on domain blogs in recent years, such as DomainNameWire’s was deleted and is unregistered…but you can’t have it – November 2013


The wild story about how the domain name was just registered – January 2015

the use of global gTLD dot com,, demonstrates European start ups prefer quality dot com, as they look to go global! As Rob Monster is quoted in saying on the press release, Dutch Startup Announces Acquisition by US-based Epik Holdings Inc:

The expanded presence in Amsterdam will significantly increase our capacity to deliver to customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Domaining Europe 2017 is the ideal venue for Undeveloped to debut as auction facilitator. For your domain consideration, please submit here:

Domaining Europe Auction May 6th – May 26th

Congratulations to CM Telecom and all the young startups on their success. Hope to see you at the conference!

Update: Andre Alleman also covered the news of the change in whois info on DomainNameWire. The above article is my commentary.


‘Scandalous’ decision in re-allocation raises several questions
- DomainGang January 2015, a domain with a long history, might have just sold
- DomainNameWire February 2017

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    • The name server change is old news, but the change of Registrar and the redirection to the company website is new. The last update of the whois is March 28th, 2017. Thanx for the link – I added it! :)

  1. Awesome domain name.

    Anyone know how much this 2 letter went for?