Emerging Domains .com™ is a directory of emerging technologies domains sightings. If we all pull together, the sum of us is stronger than our parts.

What is the modus operandi of EmergingDomains? Being of high moral fiber, I felt a need to coral topical dot coms of future trend technology in order to preserve them for end users. If any one of these dot coms were to get away and land in hands less scrupulous than mine, it would diminish the brand for the public and the final trademark holder.

Emerging Domains .com™ features sample domains of some domain investors and developers, with links to the owner pages. Contact the owner if you are interested in one!

Emerging Domains lists “future technology” domain names, or “emerging technology” domains in emerging markets. Brand your business from the sublime to the far-out!

Short and catchy are in for branding, while longer keyword domains increase reach to searchers of traditional terms. With emerging technologies breaking new and unfamiliar ground, both types are a good idea!

Emerging Domains .com™ is real domains by Real People.

There are monolithic lists of domains, including unregistered, within a category auction listing on sites like Sedo, Afternic, and other major domain auction houses. The domains showcased here are real domains – personally selected – and often, developed, and indexed by Google, by Real People.

Emerging Domains .com™ is NOT an auction or a brokerage service. Emerging Domains .com™ is merely a news site following domains names, their sale, and development, and indexes a handful domains for sale by Insiders who comment at TheDomains or Stephen Douglas’ SuccessClick future blog posts. Any domains listed as, “EmergingDomains,” are owned by EmergingDomains. Contact using the form, below. The combined comments exceed 3000 as of this writing! 02-26-11

Alongside emerging markets and emerging technologies come hungry consumers, analysts, and investors. An alternative investment category for individual and institutional investors are domain names.

The domain lists on Emerging Domains .com™ do not test your intelligence by featuring domains available for hand reg., or expired or deleted domains.

Louise Timmons/LouiseMarketing
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    Goodbye 3D, Hello 4K: The sharpest TV in the world” http://bit.ly/NUNw4c

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