Let’s E-Merge!

Let’s E-Merge! Emerge from the pack. Brand your business with one of the fantastic domains listed here. Emerging technologies = converging technologies . . .

26. February 2011 by Louise
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Branding Consultant Joseph Peterson Weighs in on Disparaging Remarks by Fadi Chehade at Davos

This is a comment as post made with kind permission by Branding Consultant & Domain Investor Joseph Peterson.


I’m pleased to hear the CEO of ICANN highlighting the new TLDs in Arabic and other non-Latin scripts. To my mind, out of the entire nTLD initiative, those constitute the only truly justifiable expansion to the internet. Whether they’ll become important remains to be seen. Of course, now that Pandora’s box is open, other nTLDs (which weren’t really necessary) exist for innovative use and abuse.

Mr. Chehade’s contention that cybersquatting will be reduced is arguable. Continue Reading →

18. February 2015 by Louise
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Website Using new gTLD for Emerging Tech!

What made me take notice about new gTLDs, is an intersection of new gTLD website with Emerging technology: mobile deep linking!

Facebook’s Deep Link platform

Mobile Deep Linking is a new method of mobile search, which connects apps, instead of websites.

Instead of leaving an app to open another app, which is a pain, you just click on a link, which opens the other installed app to the content you are interested in!
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17. December 2014 by Louise
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Congrats on the new gTLDs!

Congrats to all parties involved on the roll out of the new gTLDs!

ICANNICANN Timeline of New gTLDs

The new gTLDs made terms such as, “sunrise,” and “landrush,” mainstream, and they still are confusing to me. That is why I appreciate charts, like the one, above. Continue Reading →

16. December 2014 by Louise
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Future Trend Domainers Have It Right

Six satellites have been spaced within their orbital planes, and now process over 20% of the network’s M2M traffic.

M2M Spectrum Networks’s approach will allow it to deliver M2M traffic that Tier 1 carriers can’t.

M2M traffic generally travels over operators’ cellular networks.

M2m traffic from wearables and cars, in-home thermostats and more will comprise 5% by 2018.

M2M traffic is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 82 percent.

M2MTraffic.com is now a term.
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26. November 2014 by Louise
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Egg on My Face

Apple Watch from Reuters video, Jim Wilson, New York Times September 9th, 2014
Well, I have egg on my face – I overestimated Apple! Home automation was not the focus of Apple’s September 9th, 2014 announcement! The live stream is in, and it includes:

Apple introduced Apple Watch, which is a smartwatch with health and fitness monitoring, and capabilities like maps. As Brian X. Chen of the New York Times notes, “Samsung, Pebble and Sony lead the pack of companies producing these new devices.” Three versions will become available, “Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition . . . pricing would start at $350.”
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09. September 2014 by Louise
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Party’s On, and Party’s Over! Apple Plans Historical September 9th Announcement

September 9 Apple Invite - Forbes
Who remembers being a teen in the early 80′s, when the parents weekend getaway meant the party was on?

With Apple’s pending announcement, parent’s having a weekend away no longer automatically means their kids will party – it’s over, Rover!

Speculation is fever pitch. Today is September 1st, 2014, eight days ahead of Apple’s big announcement on September 9th, 2014. The press is in a frenzy, trying to preemt Apple’s announcement, with predictions of what will be released: iPhone 6 with a larger screen? iWatch? Fitness bracelet? NFC?
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01. September 2014 by Louise
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Million Dollar Performance

Enjoy this amazing live performance of Million Dollar Man

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24. July 2014 by Louise
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Bitcoin Domain Sales Parallel Current Events

Thanx to Michael Berkens to highlight BitCoins’ explosive popularity, and to theDomains for the references on sales and Boston registratrions, in two years of Coin domain reported Sales:

Nov 2011
flipthecoin.com $1,200.00
Dec 2011
coinflip.it 8,000 EUR
Jan 2012
bitcoin.info $2,500
CoinMint.com $11,000
buycoins.co.uk 750 GBP
Feb 2012
insertcoins.com $2,200.00
March 2012
coingames.com $3,000
April 2012
coininvest.com 5,500 EUR
May 2012
coininvest.de 1,100 EUR
coinbase.com 1795 USD
August 2012
bitcoinpay.com 1,600 USD
coinss.com $2,000.00
September 2012
coinflip.us 1,200 USD
December 2012
e-coins.com 3,700 USD
Godaddy auction: coins.INFO Auction is open 505 505 21
January 2013
bitcoincentral.com 1,000 USD
bitcoin.us $17,500.00
bitcoin.be 1,500 EUR

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26. November 2013 by Louise
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The Seductive SoundIO of BellagIO

The pleasant-sounding “io” vowel couple is popular to add to the end of a word to create a unique brand. The dot io – British Indian Ocean ccTld – joins list of favored extensions among startups.

Besides Indian Ocean, IO stands for input/output, industrial organization, and is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

The “io,” ends many words, giving them a nice “ring,” and a pleasant connotation to the “io” sound:

Video [sound]
DiMaggio [Americans know as, DiMaggEE-O]
San Antonio

The first two of these io dot coms recently sold at auction are Italian. The rest are invented brands:

rimedio.com [remedy / Italian] $3,688.00
divorcio.com [divorce / Italian] 250 EU
contrario.com $4,188
citrio.com 1,800 USD – browser
solemio.com 2,999 USD – clothing
celebrio.com 2,000 USD
wisio.com 999 USD – software company
vecio.com 999 USD
empio.com 999 USD
globelio.com 941 EUR
fodio.com 800 USD
asanio.com $1,800
pubfolio.com $2,000.00
familyfolio.com 899 USD
Gezio.com $1,000.00
captio.com 3,000 EUR
coupio.com 1,500 USD
mapio.com $1,877.00
synergio.com $1,800.00
quotefolio.com $1,500
ophio.com $4,488
nusio.com $1,500
solucio.com 900 USD
tribio.com $1,800

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01. June 2013 by Louise
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Apple Shares To Exceed $1,000 Prediction Is Proved Wrong

Person[s] who predicted Apple shares would break $1,000 missed the boat on gesture control:

NASDAQ: AAPL – $1000 Apple Inc Stock Forecast: What The Analysts Miss

Apparently this future trend prediction:

When we first forecast the stock at $1000, on December 25th,2011, the stock stood at $410, and now just 59 days later it’s gained 25% at $545, with mainstream analysts like UBS, betting it at $710 by the end of this year on iPhone strength.

That’s all before the new products roll out including game-changing Apple TV. Apple TV in its current form is already sold out at 98% of Apple Stores.

It sounds crazy that a stock could reach $1000.

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04. May 2013 by Louise
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