Branding Consultant Joseph Peterson Weighs in on Disparaging Remarks by Fadi Chehade at Davos

This is a comment as post made with kind permission by Branding Consultant & Domain Investor Joseph Peterson. Enjoy other responses from members of the domain community after the quote.


I’m pleased to hear the CEO of ICANN highlighting the new TLDs in Arabic and other non-Latin scripts. To my mind, out of the entire nTLD initiative, those constitute the only truly justifiable expansion to the internet. Whether they’ll become important remains to be seen. Of course, now that Pandora’s box is open, other nTLDs (which weren’t really necessary) exist for innovative use and abuse.

Mr. Chehade’s contention that cybersquatting will be reduced is arguable. Current evidence indicates otherwise; so we’d have to give his “eventually” the benefit of the doubt. As for the idea that dot X is interchangeable with dot Y, well, as good as it sounds in the abstract, that notion flies in the face of actual market behavior to the point of being (if not ridiculous) remarkably out of touch / politically optimistic. In reality, how many consumers have seen .BIZ as a suitable replacement for an unavailable .COM? Would the Huffington Post have opted for or If not, then the situation hasn’t really changed, despite the massive list of extra TLDs.

What is cybersquatting really? ICANN has become a very rich organization partly through flooding the market with this bewildering inventory. I’d argue that ICANN has, in fact, obligated many website owners to additional ongoing waste, risk, and cost by multiplying domain-related ambiguities. Whereas formerly would have sufficed, this very website might now confront the added burden of securing a .POST domain to match its .COM. And for what? So that some startup can begin with their own .POST? Won’t they also be competing with an equally viable, matching .COM? In that case, they’ll eventually purchase 2 domains instead of 1. Truly, that is innovation!

Startups are disadvantaged thanks to ICANN simultaneously releasing .PICS, .PICTURES, .PHOTO, .PHOTOS, and .PHOTOGRAPHY – a decision I’d consider irresponsible. You may choose to look at this diversity as freedom of choice between 5 nearly identical nTLDs (to say nothing of pre-existing menu options like .COM and .NET). But for many registrants, it’s not a question of “EITHER / OR”; it’s the necessity of “AND AND AND”. Either they pay a minimum of several hundred dollars per year to secure the whole bunch; or else they risk extra competition in SERPs, confusion among customers, lost traffic, misdirected emails, and even phishing schemes.

This extra cost is not negligible; it’s a drag force on the internet as a whole, taxing web development and (by extension) consumers. Some ICANN-licensed registries charge as much as $60,000 per year for domains. We shouldn’t view the nTLD program as wholly beneficent or entirely misguided. It’s simply a mixed bag. Mr. Chehade’s interview very much downplays the negatives; so I’m skipping over plenty of positives here to accentuate those drawbacks.

Worst of all, perhaps, is Mr. Chehade’s egregiously misjudged word choice when he refers to people “hogging names”. Although he may not have intended to insult the domain investment community, he certainly did so. In fact, my colleagues were so incensed over at that they have drawn attention to what might be called ICANN hypocrisy. That includes susceptibility to lobbyists and luxuriously padded salaries, which domain investors are taxed to provide this allegedly “non-profit” organization. In point of fact, many of the registries that ICANN has licensed to hoard and sell these new TLDs have grown rich by “hogging” hundreds of thousands of premium .COM domains; and some have registered tens of thousands of their own nTLD domains in order to “hog” them. Fine by me. But an inconsistent position for ICANN.

There is nothing wrong with investing in large amounts of property – whether that’s land, housing, artwork, automobiles, or domain names. But there is certainly something wrong with ICANN licensing some of the biggest “hogs” as nTLD registries while simultaneously slighting or condemning the broader domain investment community. The main difference seems to be that ICANN does lucrative business with the registries, who are essentially large organized domain resellers – no different from those who buy a large number of domains for profit.

Mr. Chehade’s phrase “hogging domains” concerns me not only because it’s selectively applied but because it suggests a poor understanding of one of ICANN’s major constituencies. More than any other group, domain resellers promote smart domain usage. They’re the outsourced marketing arm of the domain industry; and domainers play a large part in furthering adoption of the very nTLDs Mr. Chehade is so enthusiastic about. Perched on ICANN’s mountain of money, its CEO may well regard those “hogging” crumbs as pests. But it’s those worker ants who move domains around, getting them to the right people for actual use.

“Hogging” may be nothing more than a slip of the tongue, but it’s a slip of the tongue nobody actively engaging in the domain market would ever make. Implying that people are greedy pigs doesn’t win their support.


At The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade said of domain investors they are, “hogs,” and alluded to them as, “cybersquatters.” Mr. Peterson’s comment, above, is a reprint of a comment made on the Huffington Post article, Fedi Chehadi Explains the “Powerful” Innovations Surrounding Domain Names Today, by Paige Lavender. Lots of good points made by Mr. Peterson, such as domain resellers promote, “smart domain usage . . . getting the right domain to the right people.” Mr. Peterson is a Branding Consultant and Domain Investor. View his LinkedIn here: .

Well said! Not much I can add to that. Mr. Peterson’s quote was approved days after the original article on the Huffington Post, is why you may not have read it.

Fedi Chehadi Explains the “Powerful” Innovations Surrounding Domain Names Today
Huffington Post

Mike Berkens of theDomains blog reacted right away:

ICANN CEO Fadi Bites The Hand That Feeds It Calling out Those “Hogging” Domains”

with 18 comments of those who commiserate.

Kieren McCarthy weighed in on the Register:

ICANN CEO criticizes domain ‘hoggers’
But just who’s eating at the trough?
The Register

In the mean time, the ICA (Internet Commerce Association) drafted a response to Fadi Chehade’s Davos remarks, calling them disdainful, hostile, mischaracterizing, disparaging, and perceptually inaccurate:

ICA Responds to ICANN CEO’s Davos Remarks on “Hogging Names” and “Cybersquatting”

and Kevin Murphy published a summary on his blog, DomainIncite, of Mr. Chehade’s response to questioning of his earlier remarks, where he had the opportunity to clarify that he didn’t mean to villianize a legitimate industry. He side-stepped his accountability:

Chehade declines to backtrack on domain “hogging” comments

DomainMondo posted the Youtube recording of Chehade responding to the question here:

Fadi Chehade on Domain Hoggers, IANA Transition (ICANN 52 video); US NTIA Pressures Stakeholders

My comment posted on Facebook
It was posted to Facebook, but rejected for the Huffington Post article.

New York Times trepidation of new gTLDs from 2013
When You Can’t Tell Web Suffixes Without a Scorecard by Natasha Singer
NY Times

More feedback from Mike Berkens

To The CEO Of ICANN Fadi Chehade: Do You Think Vodafone Is The Biggest Domain Hogger?

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Website Using new gTLD for Emerging Tech!

What made me take notice about new gTLDs, is an intersection of new gTLD website with Emerging technology: mobile deep linking!

Facebook’s Deep Link platform

[Scroll down to see logo for new gTLD extension website!]

Mobile Deep Linking is a new method of mobile search, which connects apps, instead of websites.

Instead of leaving an app to open another app, which is a pain, you just click on a link, which opens the other installed app to the content you are interested in!

The benefit is: if you have the app installed, the link can take you straight to the pertinent content within the app, such as:

  • a geo app to find restaurants, then click directly into a cafe app to make a reservation, or a phone number to order takeout.
  • cheap travel tickets in one app: click your choice and be transferred to the company app’s specific order page for that ticket!

Morgan Linton has written about deep links here:

Breaking: Facebook Announces Mobile Ad Network at f8

and Raymond Hackney touched on it here:

Google Starting To Show Full Restaurant Menu in Search Results

where Acro commented, if I may quote:

It simply a demonstration of deep search results that bypass the *link* and provide the related info instead.

Good summary, @ Acro!

And there are attempts to catalog deep links into a deep link search engine.

Deep Links companies use some alternative extensions, such as:

Here is a smattering of descriptive Emerging Domains dot coms avialable bin on Sedo, about deep links:

See which deep link domain uses a snazzy new gTLD extension:
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Congrats on the new gTLDs!

Congrats to all parties involved on the roll out of the new gTLDs!

ICANNICANN Timeline of New gTLDs

The new gTLDs made terms such as, “sunrise,” and “landrush,” mainstream, and they still are confusing to me. That is why I appreciate charts, like the one, above. There was a time it seemed new gTLDs might never be released. Public comments, objections, delays, glitches, contentions, disputes, and auctions were in the news, and the release dates kept getting extended. Wikipedia recaps some events surrounding launch of new gTLDs:

  • Mid 2011, ICANN voted to end restrictions on gTLDs.
    World braces for domain name EXPLOSION
    ICANN approves dot-everything – the Register
  • Jan 2012 first application window opened.
  • April 2012 the first application window was supposed to close, but there was a glitch that allowed applicants to view eachothers’ data, so it was reopened in May 21st – May 30th.
  • June 2012 Reveal Day, “it was announced that ICANN received about 1,930 applications for new gTLD’s, 751 of which were contested.” – Wikipedia
  • June 2013 was the date new gTLDs were expected to go live, but they didn’t. Only non-Latin.

Congrats to actually making it happen, new gTLDers! :)

It is an achievement that new gtlds are available.

Instra has a good table of new gTLDs under general availability, as of December 2014. Notice the date of general availability under each, “open,” button, on the right:
Instra List of General Availability New gTLDs
Click to load the Instra page. It’s nice each extension on the Instra page links to a description page that lists the extension, its Registry (Donuts, Neustar, UniRegistry) and its requirements, such as a Berlin address for dot Berlin.

Mike Berkens of theDomains pointed out a funny quote from Rod Beckstrom’s farewell speech Continue Reading →

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Future Trend Domainers Have It Right

Six satellites have been spaced within their orbital planes, and now process over 20% of the network’s M2M traffic.

M2M Spectrum Networks’s approach will allow it to deliver M2M traffic that Tier 1 carriers can’t.

M2M traffic generally travels over operators’ cellular networks.

M2m traffic from wearables and cars, in-home thermostats and more will comprise 5% by 2018.

M2M traffic is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 82 percent. is now a term.

Get it while it’s hot! is listed on

Sedo at BIN $2500.00      << Link

With all the new tech coming out, future trend domain name investors had it right. This is an article with continuous edits, starting today: November 26th, 2014.

DM Partners has: among others.

Nice ones at Stephen Douglas has some of the best solar domains.


Orbcomm Launches Commercial Service for First Six 0G2 Satellites – Orbcomm press release

FierceWireless Names M2M Spectrum Networks as one of Its “Fierce 15″ Wireless Companies of 2014 – MarketWatch

Metal Machine Music: Dedicated M2M Networks on Horizon
– LightReading

Mobile data traffic is expected to explode 11-fold by 2018 – ComputerWorld

Cisco: M2M manifests; video still driving global traffic – CED Magazine

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Egg on My Face

Apple Watch from Reuters video, Jim Wilson, New York Times September 9th, 2014
Well, I have egg on my face – I overestimated Apple! Home automation was not the focus of Apple’s September 9th, 2014 announcement! The live stream is in, and it includes:

Apple introduced Apple Watch, which is a smartwatch with health and fitness monitoring, and capabilities like maps. As Brian X. Chen of the New York Times notes, “Samsung, Pebble and Sony lead the pack of companies producing these new devices.” Three versions will become available, “Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition . . . pricing would start at $350.”

Aside from the Apple Watch, “two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, measure 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches diagonally; the most recent iPhones measure 4 inches.” An interesting feature allows the picture to slide down, so that the user can reach over with one hand to tap something. It is called, Reachability.

i-Phone 6 September 9th, 2014, courtesy of the New York Times, photo: Jim Wilson
In addition to the above, the new phones have NFC, and allow in-store payment, called, Apple Pay.

It is a big disappointment Apple is not yet poised to dive into the home automation department. Perhaps it has to get the NFC phones into the hands of users, to offer the full potential of an all-in-one remote.

Therefore, now is not the time for Apple stock to spike, IMO.

Ref: Apple Goes Big With iPhone 6, and Small With a Smartwatch – NY Times

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Party’s On, and Party’s Over! Apple Plans Historical September 9th Announcement

September 9 Apple Invite - Forbes
Who remembers being a teen in the early 80′s, when the parents weekend getaway meant the party was on? In a town with not alot of entertainment – one movie theater, no skating rink, no bowling alleys, or nightclubs – throwing a party was almost obligation. Our high school was hard. It was more like junior college – college preparatory – with 80% of its graduates going to college. Even I looked forward to relaxing with like-minded students and downing a couple brews! The hardest course I ever took was high school astronomy. It wasn’t all bad – it was exhilarating, learning new concepts, and watching stars and constellations on visits to the planetarium . . . High school parties in the early ’80′s featured beer, music – recorded, or a local live band. If outside, there might be barbeque. Some homes had a pool. That was nice in the hot New England summers. Partygoers showed up the next day to help clean and hide the evidence, to keep the parents in a calm mood.

With Apple’s pending announcement, parent’s having a weekend away no longer automatically means their kids will party – it’s over, Rover!
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Million Dollar Performance

Enjoy this amazing live performance of Million Dollar Man

Savor this live performance of Lana Del Rey . . . one for the books, as Lana Del Rey confidently near silences a rowdy Philadelphia crowd with subtle lingering notes and rhythm change-ups on her popular standard, Million Dollar Man. The tough Philly audience went bonkers as Byron Thomas set the tone laying down bluesy keyboard improvisations. The audience knew it was in for something special! The songstress built up to the climax, changing up the rhythm on some phrases, lingering on a note here and adding unexpected emphasis there, until her powerful contralto cut through the sing along voices from seemingly out of nowhere, and blew the roof off and caved the walls in! See if you can spot the place . . . Her fellow musicians were enjoying the performance, too, as Blake Lee right behind her shook his head. Lana’s voice, which is soft and ethereal in parts, isn’t drowned out by the layered orchestation delivering the final sonic punch line. Thanx to the wonderful fans who post videos of the live performances on Youtube! Annie Ta posted almost the entire live performance at the Skyline Stage at the Mann theatre in Philadelphia on May 11th, 2014, with setlist linked song by song to the video, so you can choose your favorite song. Thanx, Annie Ta!

January 20th, 2015 UPDATE: Had to replace Annie Ta’s video, as she removed it. The one I replaced it with is by Hoodlum Yo. Too bad Byron’s piano introduction is omit, but the rest of the song is there!

Ref: Hoodlum Yo Youtube Channel
Annie Ta Youtube channel
Matt Cutts Blog – Start an embedded YouTube video at a certain timestamp
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Bitcoin Domain Sales Parallel Current Events

Thanx to Michael Berkens to highlight BitCoins’ explosive popularity, and to theDomains for the references on sales and Boston registratrions, in two years of Coin domain reported Sales:

Nov 2011 $1,200.00
Dec 2011 8,000 EUR
Jan 2012 $2,500 $11,000 750 GBP
Feb 2012 $2,200.00
March 2012 $3,000
April 2012 5,500 EUR
May 2012 1,100 EUR 1795 USD
August 2012 1,600 USD $2,000.00
September 2012 1,200 USD
December 2012 3,700 USD
Godaddy auction: coins.INFO Auction is open 505 505 21
January 2013 1,000 USD $17,500.00 1,500 EUR

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The Seductive SoundIO of BellagIO

The pleasant-sounding “io” vowel couple is popular to add to the end of a word to create a unique brand. The dot io – British Indian Ocean ccTld – joins list of favored extensions among startups.

Besides Indian Ocean, IO stands for input/output, industrial organization, and is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

The “io,” ends many words, giving them a nice “ring,” and a pleasant connotation to the “io” sound:

Video [sound]
DiMaggio [Americans know as, DiMaggEE-O]
San Antonio

The first two of these io dot coms recently sold at auction are Italian. The rest are invented brands: [remedy / Italian] $3,688.00 [divorce / Italian] 250 EU $4,188 1,800 USD – browser 2,999 USD – clothing 2,000 USD 999 USD – software company 999 USD 999 USD 941 EUR 800 USD $1,800 $2,000.00 899 USD $1,000.00 3,000 EUR 1,500 USD $1,877.00 $1,800.00 $1,500 $4,488 $1,500 900 USD $1,800

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Apple Shares To Exceed $1,000 Prediction Is Proved Wrong

Person[s] who predicted Apple shares would break $1,000 missed the boat on gesture control:

NASDAQ: AAPL – $1000 Apple Inc Stock Forecast: What The Analysts Miss

Apparently this future trend prediction:

When we first forecast the stock at $1000, on December 25th,2011, the stock stood at $410, and now just 59 days later it’s gained 25% at $545, with mainstream analysts like UBS, betting it at $710 by the end of this year on iPhone strength.

That’s all before the new products roll out including game-changing Apple TV. Apple TV in its current form is already sold out at 98% of Apple Stores.

It sounds crazy that a stock could reach $1000.

In view of Apple’s consumer-unfriendly lawsuit against Samsung, the prediction that Apple stock value would exceed $1000.00 – voiced several times! – was over-optimistic. Apple has lost its cool factor with its courtroom win against Samsung.

Although Apple stock indeed peaked higher than its close the date of the linked-to article, above, of March 9th, 2012, of $545.17, when it soared to $702.10 September 19th, 2012, the August 24th, 2012 US Verdict against Samsung set the stage for Apple’s decline. Apple was awarded over $1 billion in damages from Samsung for violating patents on trade dressing. This undermined Apple’s appeal with the general public.

Stock prices may be the ultimate expression of the public’s favor of a company. The public’s disgust for Apple’s lawsuit manifests itself in the decline in Apple stock prices from the September peak until now. Today’s close of Apple stock is: $449.98.

There are two lessons:

      Choose your battles re litigation. You can win the battle, but lose the war, meaning, you can win a lawsuit, but anger the consumer.
      2nd, keep on guard against “experts” who dole out market advice.

The author who appointed himself Apple expert, or person-in-the-know, in the article linked, above, would have done better to appreciate the progress of ALL the television and electronics companies: Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Leap Motion, LG, and Panasonic, in the area of gesture control and voice control as a replacement for simple touch control, touched on at EmergingDomains website,

Ref: Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. – Wikipedia article

NASDAQ: AAPL – $1000 Apple Inc Stock Forecast: What The Analysts Miss – Fragor Factor blog


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